How social media is influencing the travel industry?

Could it be something more enviable than those images of exotic beaches, tempting lunches, and perfect bodies in the sun? In the era of see and be seen, being cool is not only enviable but also profitable.

The world became so visual. Today, people not only want to have a perfect summer, but to share it. There is something human in the need to show off. It is not something new, but now there are more tools to do it. 

The social media is influencing the travel industry more than any other marketing strategy. According to research by WeSwap, 37% of people ages 18 to 34 have had their vacation destination influenced by social media, and 43% will not go on vacation without making sure their followers can see their travels. Additionally, 29% would not choose a vacation destination if they were unable to post on social media while there.capadocia influencer

Millennials and Generation Z have changed the way of book, share, and experience their travels. Thus, marketing for the travel industry, which has boomed in recent years, has changed.

During 2019, 1.5 billion international tourist arrivals were registered worldwide. An increase of 4% over the previous year, according to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer. This represents the tenth consecutive year of growth. However, the coronavirus pandemic is bound to undermine the industry in the coming years.

The industrial sector is tackling what appears to be its biggest challenge since the advent of social media. Will social networks be one of the first engines used to get it back? Of course.

In reality, social networks are one of the first sources of information that travelers trust. 28% of millennials and Generation Z trust social media rather than Google, TripAdvisor reviews and magazines, television, and reviews. (WeSwap, 2018).

And of course, the winner of social media for travelers is Instagram. The most visual, popular, and friendly network for photo and filter enthusiasts. Instagram brings together celebrities, influencers, and aspiring to be. And brands place their bets on the best window for their products. The successful app is the greatest example of how social media is influencing the travel industry.

If anyone has doubts about the influence of Instagram, they just need to take a look at the statistic, 40% of UK millennial travelers say they consider how instagramable a location is when planning the trip. (ODM Advertising, 2018)

It looks like Instagram is going to be at the top in terms of influence for travelers. Have you already planned a trip based on those beautiful Instagram images that made you dream of the best vacation of your life?


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