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Travelling is the new get married and have kids

Millennials travel more than previous generations. Furthermore, traveling is a priority over other aspirations such as buy homes on their own or have children and raising families. Probably you are between 24 and 35 years old and you feel like your Instagram feed is littered with pictures of your friend’s holidays in exotic beaches and incredible adventures. You are right, the vacation pictures are growing and the travel aspirations so. 

First things first, travel is at the top of the mind of millennials and Gen Zs because digital platforms and technology are making traveling more affordable. And also,  due to the new era, established in the digital world, in which people’s expectations and priorities have changed. Young people are digital people, and the digital culture is not like the traditional one. People now have more options and access to information than previous generations. The traditional standard of living is not accepted as the only way of life. Experiences over ownership, and living life on their terms are trends that won’t go away for millennials.

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The Delloitte millennial survey researched the change of millennials’aspirations. Having children, buying homes, and other traditional signals of adulthood “success markers” do not top millennials list of ambitions. Instead, travel and seeing the world was at the top of the list (57 percent) of aspirations. Meanwhile, earning a high salary and being wealthy is the second aspiration in the ranking (52 percent). 

49% of millennials answered that they wanted to own a home. What about family and children? This aspiration ranked in the 5th position (39%). Looks like traveling is the new get married and having children. 

Millennials travel more: The influencer factor 

Influencer model is on the rise and no one does it better than travel brands. From New York to London, influencers all over the world are getting their selfies, luxury, and adventures on. Not surprisingly, their craving fans are consuming and adopting the “travel spirit” more than ever. Millennials spend hours scrolling through the Instagram images of travel industry stars like Murad Osmann, who has become a viral sensation from the picture of his wife pulling him toward a graffiti-covered wall. The image was so viral that it inspired the Followmetoo project which continues to be a big hit. 

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The couple which is an example of DINK marriage illustrates the idea that seeing the world is a great idea before putting the parent hat on. Many celebs and influencers have spoken openly about delaying parenthood. 36-years-old designer Alexa Chung responded in an interview with The Times about having children of her own “I’m still waiting for that feeling of desperately wanting kids.”

For a generation that has been described as the most educated and knowledgeable in history, and that grew up in an online environment, the influence of social media is undeniable. Millennials have placed such a priority on the internet and smartphones that they can’t imagine a world without these devices. 

Career priority and experiences

According to the Pew Research Center, 63% of millennials value a college education and are preparing to get one. 19% of millennials are already college graduates, and  44% are still in college working toward graduation. With this panorama, it is not surprising that the majority delay or even rule out parenthood. 

“I am focused on other things that I believe will make me happier than just settling down with a family,” says, Olivia, a 30 a  years old developer who is reluctant to have a family. “I am focused on my career and I enjoy my travels, night outings… This kind of thing will be difficult with children. I just never feel like I want that. Sometimes I think I might regret it, but when I think about all these baby stuff I can’t feel attracted for a second”. 

For Olivia, and her fellow millennials, traveling or taking a year off is more attractive than settle down or buying a home. For millennials, the most important things in life are experiences and relationships instead of possessions. 65 percent of millennials are saving money to travel, which is more than the average for other generations.

Traditional is not cool. In sum, the trend of prioritizing travels and experiences does not look like it goes away. Success is no longer related to traditional things.  And yes, millennials travel and experience more, and definitely that’s their new definition of success. 

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