Collab houses and TikTok influencers: Los Angeles dream

Imagine that you live in a mansion in Los Angeles, with a pool and big gardens with your friends, and you only have to create content on Tik Tok, the app that sweeps teens. That’s the life of the famous tiktokers who live in the Hype House, a mansion in Los Angeles. The objective is to create content that is seen by millions of people, especially teens, around the world. And of course, members of Hype House make hundreds of dollars every day from brand sponsorships and contracts. 

Collab houses and TikTok influencers

If you don’t know what the Hype House is, you are probably a little old, and old means over 21. If you are a millennial and you’re starting to feel like a boomer…let me introduce you to the collab houses and TikTok influencers phenomenon in Los Angeles. 

Tik Tok is a viral video-share app that’s become one of the most popular platforms among Z generation. The app has its own content style. It is not about the beautiful pics and luxury lifestyle of influencers in platforms such as Instagram. Tik Tok is a short-form video, where users share their lip-syncing, dance moves, viral challenges, among other viral content.

Charli D’Amelio, Avanni Gregg, Dixie D’Amelio and Addison Rae

“There’s an alternate language that exists on TikTok, a complex visual grammar of facial expressions, gestures, and dance moves that is a learned amalgam of the viral celebrities of the past five or so years: dancers, lip-syncers, reality stars, YouTubers, kids on Vine who set the tone for a lot of internet humor we take as given today” Dazed. A successful TikToker must be young, creative, and a bit weird…or… they can also be extremely good looking. These ingredients are the perfect match for a famous tiktoker recipe. 

The Tik Tok dream is happening in Los Angeles 

Localization is an important piece of the Tik Tok puzzle. And is that the Chinese app,  with more than 2 billion downloads, has made a place in Los Angeles, where most of the Tik Tok stars are based. The 20-years-old TikTok star, Gianluca Conte , who is part of Hype House, explains in an interview in The New York Times:“You’re just surrounded by influence. In Los Angeles, If you talk to four people, one is probably going to have over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Even people that don’t prioritize social media have 20,000 followers from just being here in L.A.”

Based on this idea, the Youtuber Thomas Petrou and the TikToker Chase Hudson decided to create the Hype House, which is a collab house to create content. Some of the members live in the rent mansion full time and others stay a few days to create content. Collab houses are not new in the influencers world. A few years ago, YouTubers started houses to collaborate.  Over the last five years, the collab houses formed a network of hubs across Los Angeles. 

Collab houses make it easy for beginners in Los Angeles: They have a nice place to live, a built-in friend group, and access to collaborators. If the best Tiktokers create videos together, the views increase. And, if a management company or brand is sponsoring the house, the Tiktokers may only have to produce a few TikToks and  YouTube videos as a form of in-kind rent.

The famous Tiktoker Addison Rae, comments in a Forbes report: “I moved here December 2nd and I had about 2.8 million followers. Now, I’m at 13 million.”

Chase Hudson, Larray, Jack Wright and Addison Rae

The Tik Tok moment  

Even if TikTok is more popular among Z generation, the app begins to become popular between millennials, especially during the lockdown. As was the case with its predecessors Instagram and Facebook, which began to be used by young people, and then we’re also adopted for older generations. There is a space for any niche in TikTok and business and brands are turning up.

What makes TikTok great is that anything can blow up on TikTok. Anyone who records from their house can blow up, even with zero followers. Users do not need to follow an account to watch the videos and this is what is turning many people to the app. 

Will Tiktok be the new Instagram? The answer is still uncertain. The platform is still new and the advertisement option started recently. We have to wait to see what happens. For now, the phenomenon of collab houses and Tiktok influencers does not seem to evaporate.




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