Baking is a trend thanks to self isolation

If you feel like all your Instagram is about cakes, recipes, and food hashtags, you aren’t alone. During the coronavirus lockdown everybody has turn a foodie. Even your former flatmate, who only ate fridge pizzas, is posting his last banana bread recipe. Baking is a trend thanks to self-isolation.


In fact, the number of posts tagged with “baking” on Instagram increased by nearly 40% in the last fortnight of March and the steady grown trend continues. Regarding Twitter, the average of daily tweets about baking during the last 8 days rose to more than 1K. 

Everything suggests that, given to the impossibility to show up trips, restaurants, and fancy places, the pastry is the queen of the instagramers, who are equally interested in the fitness and wellbeing content. That’s how the modern battle between good and evil looks like. 

The fastest-growing category in the UK the second fortnight of April was baking goods, up 49.3% according to resources reported in The Guardian. Sales of flour are soaring, as are baking-related Google searches.

The search term “baking” has increased in the last weeks in Google as well as related terms. The scale of popularity for the “baking” search grew from 26 to 88 from the first week of the lockdown in the UK.

Surely your Instagram is a clear illustration of this. If you already succumb to the tent of making that colored recipe seen on Instagram, don’t feel guilty. You are one more of the statistic. But wash your hands and don’t grab all the flour. 

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